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30+ Phenomenal Memes for People Partial to Hilarity

Have you ever had one of those weeks where things just continually got worse? I'm in the midst of one of those periods and I have to admit the sense of self-pity has shifted entirely to one of hilarity. How is it even possible for so much to go cosmically wrong in such a serialized, increasingly unfortunate spree? I'm not sure, but at this point the only option I have is laughter. Sometimes that's all you need to put things into perspective. Sure, I twisted my ankle, came down with a cold, and…
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29 Memes to Defy Downhearted Dispositions

Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. There's nothing wrong with that, we've all been there. It can be tough to pull yourself out of a downer mood. Maybe there's something getting you down, but often times you may find yourself not feeling great for no specific reason. So how do we fix that? Well, there's no easy answer to that. Your gut reaction might be to find something to brighten up your disposition just a bit. Maybe that's a certain song or some fantastic food. For me, at le…
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30+ Tantalizing Memes to Intrigue Fascinations of Humor

I wasn't born yesterday, nor was I born in a period before the internet. I was born at just the right time when memes were readily available by the time I was functionally able to use the internet. I've lived and breathed memes ever since I learned to use a keyboard. Sure, my brain developed around the usage of the internet for entertainment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love memes and they've been there for me longer than anything else. Surely, you feel the same way. You've decided…
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40 Miraculous Memes That Will Make Monday Much Better

Happy Monday morning, meme lovers and internet inhabitants! We're here to kick off the week with a silly selection of the web's best memes. Monday mornings aren't the best, but these memes definitely are! Not to sound like the quintessential comic-based orange cat, but Mondays, right? The end of the weekend is a solemn time. Sure, you may have had the best weekend of your life, but reality eventually catches up with you. It's time to put on that business casual clothing, pack up your computer,…
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Online Dating Is Super!

web Spider-Man online dating - 7240976896
Created by Unknown

Catches Users Just Like Flies

web Spider-Man - 7155526400
Created by Unknown

Good Guy Google

adblock advertising chrome google web - 6526547712
Created by willcro

I'm Sorry, I Do Not Watch Oprah

browser europe firefox Memes opera web - 6511572736
Created by Echo_of_Snac

How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute?

computers data internet web - 6473320960
Via The Daily What

Welcome to the World Wide Web

addiction internet Memes mouse spider web - 6440979712
Created by PetePete

Charlotte's Incognito Mode

Memes puns spider sticky web - 6441338624
Created by PetePete

A Web of Cobbspiracies

conspiracy keanu Inception spiders web - 6394571776
Created by reximilian

You Can't Explain That!

face Jackie Chan my brain is full Rage Comics spider web - 6036789248
Created by lad237

Always Use That Web!

Awesome Art batman superheroes superman web - 5999461120
Via Neatorama

Hate to Break it to You, But Your Mama's Dead

double meaning internet literalism mother web - 5768020480
Created by Bendyrulz

Charlotte's Strict Standards

Memes spider web - 5742549504
Created by Unknown
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