Funny memes about germany's shotgun protests in world war i | Machine-guns, disease ridden trenches, flamethrowers, powerful artillery guns @miamitruppe Shotguns | WW1 German Army Shotguns cause uncessesary suffering and are warcrime Allies SMELL LIKE BITCH HERE

Extremely Specific Memes About Shotguns In WWI

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Funny dank memes about trebuchets | parents ask where all 100 kilogram stone projectiles went | comic Hey goin sleep? Yes, now shut up Theoretically trebuchet space would have infinite range

Sixteen Trebuchet Memes Perfect For Yeeting Your Boredom

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But...Vaccines Cause Autism!

Pic of Homer and Bart Simpson, representing Polio and the flu, with weapons above a pic of a kid with cards looking scared
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LARPing Just Got Real

Funny meme about Texas swords and machetes.
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So Fascinating

Funny meme about ancient weapons, Australia's is a stick.
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Combat in 3017

Funny Youtube meme about top 10 futuristic weapons that already exist, cat made to look like a rifle.
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epic Battle star wars movies weapons tron - 81859841

This Epic Battle Draws Props from Tron: Legacy, the Force Awakens, Men in Black, Evil Dead, and More

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[Cursed Dagger of Screaming] (-2)

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final fantasy Video Game Coverage easter eggs just cause 3 weapons - 76636929

Easter Egg: You Can Find Both Thor's Hammer and Cloud's Buster Sword in Just Cause 3

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Seriously, What Was I Thinking?

teenage mutant ninja turtles TMNT growing up weapons web comics - 8571874560
Created by JosephSim84 ( Via Bartenerds )

One Of The Fiercest Weapons Ever Unleashed

Balloons gifs metal gear solid video games sad but true weapons - 8560830976
Created by Unknown

The Perfect Weapon

rifles weapons - 8173973760

Who Says Patience Doesn't Pay?

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Please Present Weapon as Authentication of Parking

guns weapons - 8495058176
Created by tamaleknight

Mario Kart 8's Newest Weapon Item

gifs weapons mario kart 8 - 8203394048
Created by powergannon

Tis The Season

christmas santa claus weapons web comics - 7967342080
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