Tweets about what kids used to think meant people were rich, wealth, funny, childhood | connectpoliticditto @cpoliticditto My wife grew up thinking having water/ice dispensers FRIDGE DOOR life goal grew up thinking if had basketball hoop with clear/ plexiglass backboard were rich are some things thought were indicators wealth were kid? | Le Ah @lfonten2 Replying cpoliticditto grew up San Diego military housing (old small townhouses) so thought having house with California roof meant were rich dr

23 People Share What They Once Thought Were Indicators Of Wealth

All. The. Cereal.
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Broke Bobby, Cringey TikTok about Salaries of friends, friend group, travel, tweets, twitter, lol

TikToker Enrages the Internet With Spreadsheet That Ranks His Friends By Wealth

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I Just Want to be Able to Order Guacamole Without Thinking About the Cost

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It's a Vicious Cycle

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Wealth Inequality in America Is Worse Than You Think

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All the Gold in the World

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Rich Schools vs. My School

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How Rich Are the Richest Americans?

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Know Your Meme: Occupy Wall Street

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