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21 Memes That Prove Dudes Of The Internet Are Pining For Tomboy GFs

Move over Big Tiddy Goth GF and Mommy GF - the freaks of the internet are clamoring for a new breed of partner: the Tomboy GF. Unlike the  dark-clad and maternal girlfriend options, tomboy girlfriends have all the qualities dudes like about themselves and their friends (along with female anatomy). Memes idealizing a Tomboy GF (often featuring anime characters) started popping up earlier in 2020, and while they may have gotten lost in the shuffle of coronavirus and anti-racism protests, there are quite a few to scroll through. We think the sudden boom is partially due to the recent 'Femboy Hooters' meme, as people on Twitter started stacking the imaginary establishment against 'Tomboy Outback.' We'd be happy to dine at either, but really we're just here for the memes. 

Funny memes about Tomboy GF | WANT A TOMBOY GF? KINDA JUST SOUNDS LIKE WANT A BOYFRIEND WITH TITS BRO | Liberater @Lewdthot Tfw no blonde mean violent tomboy gf believe Tomboy SUPREMACY
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