Funny video of Trump responding to criticism of a former speech of his by drinking a glass of water

Crowd Goes Wild When Trump Drinks Glass Of Water All By Himself

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Funny video showing a British police officer chasing a guy onto a pier, guy pushes the police officer into the water

Hilarious English Police Chase Ends With Cop Getting Pushed Into The Water

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funny dank memes about hydration | kirby plushie holding a knife in one hand and a bottle of water in the other hydration is not an option kirbymutual drink water or face wrath kirby. drakeposting meme Hey kid, want kidney stones? Piss rocks out ur pee-hole Healthy hydration, little bro!

Dank Memes That Want You To Stay Hydrated

Bought to you by the clear piss gang.
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Look At Me, So Environmentally Conscious

Funny 3-panel meme about drinking water out of straws to save the earth versus just drinking straight out of a cup with mention about using a $20 metal straw
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Stupid Memes That Somehow Make Wasting Time Feel Worthwhile

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Funny Lord of the Rings meme about turning the shower nozzle up so that the water is too hot
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Dank 'Enslaved Moisture' memes

'Enslaved Moisture' Memes Are The Epitome Of Bizarre Millennial Humor

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Funny video making fun of Nestle

Video Making Fun Of Nestle Is The Sweet Internet Justice You Needed Today

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Memes about Nestle being an evil company, nestle water scandal, pakistan, aliens,

Redditors Are Waging A Meme War Against 'Evil Nestle' And Their Ethics

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What Are You Gonna Do About It

Funny meme about posting bad memes
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C'mon Guuuuys

Funny 'Me Explaining to My Mom' meme about the importance of drinking water
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Hell Yeah B*tches

Text that reads, "I wanna get WASTED: Wake up early, Anticipate a productive day, Stay hydrated, Take a multivitamin, Exercise, Don't stay up too late
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airport security vs water memes

'Airport Security Vs. Water' Memes Poke Fun At TSA's Stupid Phobia Of Water Bottles

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Damn Spoons Always Look So Innocent

Caption that reads, "When you're washing a spoon" under a pic of a guy making some fried rice in a pan
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Funny memes

'Scissors Vs. Water' Memes Are The Perfect Way To Express Serious Futility

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Every Damn Time

Object-label meme where a guy standing on the side of the road getting sprayed with water represents "Me washing dishes" and the car driving past him represents "a spoon"
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