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Stupid Memes That Somehow Make Wasting Time Feel Worthwhile

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Funny Lord of the Rings meme about turning the shower nozzle up so that the water is too hot
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Dank 'Enslaved Moisture' memes

'Enslaved Moisture' Memes Are The Epitome Of Bizarre Millennial Humor

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Funny video making fun of Nestle

Video Making Fun Of Nestle Is The Sweet Internet Justice You Needed Today

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Memes about Nestle being an evil company, nestle water scandal, pakistan, aliens,

Redditors Are Waging A Meme War Against 'Evil Nestle' And Their Ethics

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What Are You Gonna Do About It

Funny meme about posting bad memes
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C'mon Guuuuys

Funny 'Me Explaining to My Mom' meme about the importance of drinking water
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Hell Yeah B*tches

Text that reads, "I wanna get WASTED: Wake up early, Anticipate a productive day, Stay hydrated, Take a multivitamin, Exercise, Don't stay up too late
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airport security vs water memes

'Airport Security Vs. Water' Memes Poke Fun At TSA's Stupid Phobia Of Water Bottles

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Damn Spoons Always Look So Innocent

Caption that reads, "When you're washing a spoon" under a pic of a guy making some fried rice in a pan
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Funny memes

'Scissors Vs. Water' Memes Are The Perfect Way To Express Serious Futility

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Every Damn Time

Object-label meme where a guy standing on the side of the road getting sprayed with water represents "Me washing dishes" and the car driving past him represents "a spoon"
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Funny tumblr posts

30 Quirky Tumblr Posts That'll Get You Laughing

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Funny meme account about bros being basic.

'Bros Being Basic' Is The Perfect Basic Betch Troll Account

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Constant Struggle

Funny meme about eating pocorn at the movies.
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I'm Dying Here

Pic of an alien saying "Help me" under the caption, "When you wake up drunk AF in the middle of the night to find out there's no water next to you"
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