A Cautionary Tale

Funny me me about wasting time looking at memes, the simpsons.
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Can't Wait for Tomorrow

waste idiots tomorrow - 8052332544
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Nothing Like a Complete Waste of Time

waste funny - 8033459200
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The Cost of Food Wastage Infographic

waste food infographic - 7944711680
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Life, Be Sure to Waste It

life waste tomorrow funny - 7823025920
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waste pancakes - 6817853440
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Unless You're Immortal

facebook life waste - 6527693312
Created by EpIcPwNaGe6

My Ribbon is Making Such a Difference

awareness ribbon waste wikipedia - 6365250304
Created by ohanto

The Cost Is Nothing Compared to the Time I'll Waste on It

Bar Graph cost parents video games waste - 6231884800
Created by Unknown

Trash Graphed

garbage time trash waste - 6030917632
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And That's Why I Never Do It

homework school teachers the most interesting man in the world time waste - 6018168064
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Waste is Relative

IRL sign waste - 5902513408
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Replotted: Trees Are Worth More Than This!

magazines Pie Chart waste - 5879412992
Created by leedleleedleleedlelee

Why Isn't He Reusing It?

bear grylls pee seesaw society waste - 5849407744
Created by Mr_Scooter

Rage Comics IRL

feed food The Internet IRL waste - 5686141184
Created by ilovestaplers

Bear Ducreux

bear grylls Joseph Ducreux pee waste water - 4773800448
See all captions Created by lol43
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