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Most Hilarious Videos of the Week That Will Remind You To Use Birth Control (August 9, 2022)

*increases phone volume on the birth control reminder* Whether you have kids, know someone with kids, or have been a kid yourself, it's easy to see where there are hesitations for some people to have children these days. Maybe 30 years ago it seemed like an awesome idea to quadruple the population with self loathing youngsters, but nowadays, more and more people are deciding not to populate the Earth. Here are some relatable, nightmarish children to really make you rethink the beauty and wonder…
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Stuff that seems harmless but is actually dangerous

Things That Seem Harmless But Are Actually Dangerous

As humans we are constantly being told what is bad for us. Don't drink this. Don't eat that. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer, and that fatty and processed foods are nearly poisonous to your body. Drugs? Fuhgeddabout it. We talk a lot less about the stuff that seems completely harmless but could actually really mess us up. Redditor u/Sealedbox recently asked the r/AskReddit community to share situations, objects - and even animals - that fall into this category. They came through wit…
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Dude Slams Movie Content Warning, Receives Entertaining Backlash

Who got triggered here?
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warning thanksgiving deep-fried turkey Turkey funny safety - 107669505

A Video Reminder of Why You Should Never Deep-Fry a Turkey

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Funny video of a weatherman losing his cool on live television

Weatherman Freaks Out On Live TV During Tornado Warning When Viewers Whine About Him Interrupting 'The Bachelorette'

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Bread Gives You Cancer

Caption that reads, "I warned y'all about gluten" above a pic of a guy with a pancake on his face swinging a machete around"
Via ElfEnchantress

Keep Dem Bots Away

Pic of a wind chime hanging up with a sign that reads, "Fun fact! Wind chimes are made from the metallic bones of robots that tried to overthrow us. Hang them outside your house as a warning to others"
Via KrullTheWarrior

Seems Real Fishy...

Tumblr post caption that reads, "Kinda worried that Nintendo is trying to warn us something" above a screencap of icons from 'Pokemon Go' and 'Mario Run'
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anus hilarious warning wtf - 5960877568
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hilarious nightmare Soviet Russia Terrifying terror video games warning yakov smirnoff - 3936798976
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When Rules Don't Work, Public Shaming Will

Via ah72

If You Insist

best of week list warning wtf - 6230750720
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That's Ingenuity

warning socks funny - 8456834048
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Trust Me, Parents, Don't Let Them Get Hooked!

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Seriously, It's Not My Job!

warning sign kids driving - 8433778944
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Thanks, Video Game Store, For Helping Parents Out

warning retail parenting video games g rated - 8432612864
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