Funny video of a weatherman losing his cool on live television

Weatherman Freaks Out On Live TV During Tornado Warning When Viewers Whine About Him Interrupting 'The Bachelorette'

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Bread Gives You Cancer

Caption that reads, "I warned y'all about gluten" above a pic of a guy with a pancake on his face swinging a machete around"
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Keep Dem Bots Away

Pic of a wind chime hanging up with a sign that reads, "Fun fact! Wind chimes are made from the metallic bones of robots that tried to overthrow us. Hang them outside your house as a warning to others"
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Seems Real Fishy...

Tumblr post caption that reads, "Kinda worried that Nintendo is trying to warn us something" above a screencap of icons from 'Pokemon Go' and 'Mario Run'
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anus hilarious warning wtf - 5960877568
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hilarious nightmare Soviet Russia Terrifying terror video games warning yakov smirnoff - 3936798976
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When Rules Don't Work, Public Shaming Will

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If You Insist

best of week list warning wtf - 6230750720
By Unknown

That's Ingenuity

warning socks funny - 8456834048
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Trust Me, Parents, Don't Let Them Get Hooked!

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Seriously, It's Not My Job!

warning sign kids driving - 8433778944
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Thanks, Video Game Store, For Helping Parents Out

warning retail parenting video games g rated - 8432612864
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Scoop Your Poop, or Get Pooped On

warning sign revenge oh god why g rated fail nation - 8414080768
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Who Would Make These?

funny socks sandals warning wtf - 8368347392
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They Have the Warning For a Reason

warning friends TV dumb - 8273637888
By tentoes2

"Skill" Crane

aww yea crane game please warning - 8254013952
By squarepants77
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