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Super Mario Memes For Guys Who Can't Stop Saying, "It's a Me, Mario!"

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People Are Thirsting For Waluigi Again, So Here’s A Selection Of His Most Cursed Memes

A wahnderful selection of images.
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The Wario-baiting, Crypto-tanking Reactions To Elon Musk Hosting Saturday Night Live

Doge to the moon… if a Super Mario cosplay doesn’t crash it first.
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Asking The Hard Questions

Funny meme that reads, "People in math problems be like: ..." above an image of sad Wario saying, "I've bought 23 dozen oranges, but at what cost?"
Via CodyBurkett


Funny meme about math problems, wario, people buying oranges | people in math problems be like i've bought 23 dozen oranges but at what cost
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Funny dank memes featuring Wario Mario from Super Mario Brothers, entitled, "I've Won...But at What Cost?" | she invites over netflix and chill and agree but really just wanna netflix won but at cost? Female classmate Roast are my league.

'I've Won, But At What Cost' Memes Almost Had Us Feeling Bad For Wario

"WARIO" - Wario
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Funny memes about kanye cover.y

Kanye's New Album Cover Is Getting Meme'd And Roasted Like Crazy

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Funny video featuring Wario in lieu of Mario in Super Mario Odyssey, Super Wario Odyssey for Nintendo.

Super Wario Odyssey: The Game Nintendo Doesn't Want You To Play

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Collection of memes about the ideal male body, a twitter meme with Shrek, nintendo, wario, toad, sonic the hedgehog.

Flashback Friday: This Is The Ideal Male Body

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Of Course He Does

Funny CNN style meme saying that "greedy libertarian Wario" has ties to Russia. Political meme.
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Social Justice Warios

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Created by tamaleknight ( Via cyanide and happiness )


wario sign funny - 8803059712
Created by Luchabro

Basically Scar Murdering Mufasa

super smash bros bayonetta wario gif
wario Super Mario bros Video nintendo - 78770177

Where Did Wario Come From?

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Created by gamingfennec
wario waluigi Video nintendo - 46811137


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