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Funniest Memes for Sleepy People Who Are Running Late Right Now Because They Love the Snooze Button

Why set several alarms when you can just hit snooze every 5 minutes for three extra hours?
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There Goes The Day

Funny meme about trying to sleep for five more minutes and then wasting the whole day | When you wake up early and decide to sleep for 5 more minutes blinking white guy
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Mornings Can Get Effed

Funny meme that reads, "All this and I still won't wake up on time" above a photo of a smart phone with a ton of alarms set
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It Me

funny meme about blinking white guy setting alarms | drew scanlon reaction me waking up to alarms i set every 5 minutes
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Funny memes, what's worse than heartbreak.

24 Harrowing Experiences That Are Worse Than Heartbreak

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Rise And Grind!

Funny meme about only getting up because bladder hurts.
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Totally Unrealistic Standards

Tweet that reads, "Video games allow us to do and experience things that are completely impossible in real life" above a still from a video game that reads, "You awaken feeling well-rested"
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Aw F*ck

Caption that reads, "When you wake up and check your phone to see how much longer you can sleep, but it's right before your alarm rings" above a pic of a character from Rick and Morty lying in bed looking at his alarm clock
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Excellent Point!

Little reader board with text that reads, "Starting your day with an early morning run is a great way to make sure your day can't get any worse than it started"
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Caption that reads, "When you've barely woken up and someone's trying to have a full-on conversation with you" above a pic of a little clay figurine appearing to suck the life out of a second figurine
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Damn Straight

Caption that reads, "If I wake up at 8:27 and my alarm was set for 8:30 you can bet 100% imma close my eyes and go back to sleep for those three minutes"
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Rise and Grind!

Funny meme about waking up
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Person wakes up at 1am, realizes it's not 6am and goes back to bed
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"Trying to get out of bed like: 1.) Try again; 2.) Help; 3.) Cancel"
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Rise And Shine!

Funny meme about waking up and feeling insecure.
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Not Gonna Work

Funny meme about waking up.
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