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Horrible Mother Posts Her Daughter Crying After Getting Cut From the School Volleyball Team, Blames Social Media

A big part of growing up is getting rejected from things. Whether it's a sports team or the top band, teenagers will inevitably be disappointed by rejection throughout their adolescence. My most devastating high-school rejection was from the elite group at my community theatre. I know, I'm really cool. I was in the Junior Varsity of musical theatre for three years before I finally got into the top group. The first two years in this group of self-proclaimed "rejects" were expected, but when I di…
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The Internet Can't Stop Captioning This Photo of Drake With a Girl's Volleyball Team

memes drake volleyball The Internet Can't Stop Captioning This Photo of Drake With a Girl's Volleyball Team
Via lelemurray
volleyball Video - 79156481

In Volleyball, You've Really Got to Use Your Head

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sports volleyball trolling prank Remi Gaillard - 72868609

Famous Prankster Remi Gaillard Slips Into the Official Photo of the World Volleyball Champions and Nobody Bats an Eye

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Who Knew it Was So Rough?

volleyball rough funny - 8443852288

Did U Kno?


The Head Rub at The End of This is Going to Be a New Post-Accidental Hump Move For Aeons to Come

Awkward gifs whoops refs sports volleyball - 8197120000

They've Been Together Ever Since

FAIL volleyball sexy times - 8167051264

As Soon as the Weather Gets Warm...

volleyball beer pong college drinking games - 8030138112

She's Not Very Good at Volleyball

Sexy Ladies funny sports volleyball - 7990666752

Indoors Volleyball Can Be Dangerous

sports FAIL gifs volleyball funny - 7698527488
Created by anselmbe

Sweet Bumps

wtf volleyball funny - 7559097600

Volleyball Double Fail

whoops FAIL gifs volleyball - 7163873280
Created by ToolBee

How Many Points Though?

headshot gifs volleyball - 6880943360

Excellent Volleyball Fail

sports FAIL gifs volleyball - 6751519232

Nothing But Net

Memes so close volleyball - 6511093760
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