language, linguistics, words, language memes, funny memes, memes, vocabulary, latin, funny, grammar memes, word memes, literary memes, semantics | assassinregrets im just cherokee language has verb tense specifically notes exclusion person conversation so there's going going going, and going (but not love madmaudlingoes This is called "clusivity" and 's found bunch languages, including Chechen, Vietnamese, Samoan, and Quechua. spinningyarns Some languages just side-eye harder than others. Source

30+ Linguistic Memes For Lovers of Language

Amusingly wordy memes about semantics
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Funny tumblr posts | big-ricospizza: auntmarie: doesn't term "staff member" make laugh because those 2 words both mean penis HAVE DONE

Tasty Tumblr Posts That Are Weird But Good

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Funny relatable memes

46 Silly Pics That'll Tickle Your Funny Bone

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A Little Existential Dread For Ya

Tumblr post about how we live on a giant floating rock in space and life has no actually meaning
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Funny english language fails.

25 English Language Fails That'll Terrify Your Poor Brain

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SAT Prep Is Supposed To Help This

Funny meme about using big words when you don't know what they mean, husband and wife fighting and he says she is "over-ejaculating."
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I Think There's Another Word for That

cinnamon vocabulary image - 8986010368
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But I'm So Smart and Stuff

scumbag brain Memes vocabulary - 7443279360
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