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The Best Astrology Memes of the Week (November 2, 2023)

Casting spells and taking names
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Leo Memes For Astrology Fans Born Between July 22 and August 23

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A compilation of astrology and zodiac themed memes

Astrology Memes For Amateur Astrologists

It’s been one whole week since we’ve been taken out of Mercury in retrograde , and I am so relieved. I feel so much better than I did before, and I don’t even know why. I really shouldn’t pretend to be an astrology expert when I fully am not one, but I can’t help it! It’s just too much fun. Whenever I meet girls at the bar, they ask me my sun, moon, and rising sign, and I tell them “ Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Scorpio Rising '' without any hesitation. Then they tell me theirs, and we both earn…
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A compilation of astrology and zodiac themed memes with some pertaining to mercury in retrograde

Astrology Memes to Celebrate the End of Mercury in Retrograde

The glorious and long-awaited day is finally here: October 2nd marks the end of this horrifying era we call Mercury in Retrograde . The rains of frogs and plagues of locusts have finally left town, and peace is here once again. Mercury in Retrograde is bad, but it isn't all bad. Hopefully, during these past couple of weeks, you've learned new things about yourself that you wouldn't have learned outside of this astrological era. Maybe you don't think you've learned anything. Perhaps you had a ba…
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A compilation of astrological memes about Libras

Libra Memes For Libra Season

The time has finally come: Libra season is here. As a lifelong Libra, I should know a great deal about this zodiac sign that I should be able to spring on to those not lucky enough to be born between September 22nd and October 23rd. Unfortunately, I come to you largely empty-handed. I am not a Libra expert. I do come with the most iconic image of Libra-ness: the scales. Regarding my astrological sign, I've always connected the most with the idea of being a balanced person. I try not to make my…
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A compilation of astrology themed memes.

Astrology Memes To Round Out Virgo Season

If we're being honest, astrology is hated by so many people because women love it. That's it! That's the only reason. It's such a joke because there's nothing so harmful or irrational in believing in any aspect of astrology. Everyone believes in things that are not completely rational or supported by hard evidence, and if you don't think that applies to you, you're fooling yourself. So many men like to act like they are they are completely rational people, not affected by any subjective outside…
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A compilation of Mercury in Retrograde, astrology, and zodiac themed memes

Zodiac Memes For Mercury in Retrograde

It is very well possible that you are completely ignorant of the field of astrology . If that is you, and you only clicked on this for the expressed purpose of being a hater, welcome. Your presence is noted and valued because we've just entered one of the most recognizable astrological periods of the year. Ladies and gentlemen: Mercury is officially in retrograde. Even if you've never looked at your horoscope in your entire life, you've definitely heard of Mercury in retrograde . This astrologi…
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A compilation of Virgo themed memes

Virgo Memes For Virgos Who Can't Drive

I have a confession to make…I used to not be the biggest fan of Virgos . I know, sue me! Call the coppers! Call the fire department. Call the secretary of state because, baby, I had a bad take. I think it often happens with amateur astrology fans that we meet one or two people of a specific zodiac sign that we don't like, and then we make blanket assumptions about that sign as a whole. I committed such a crime, and for that, I'm truly sorry to the Virgos out there. As part of my penance, I have…
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A compilation of hilarious Virgo themed memes

Astrology Memes To Celebrate The Beginning of Virgo Season

This week, a crime against Virgos occurred that has been overlooked by the general population. Renowned singer, actress, dancer, and clothing designer Jennifer Lopez fired two of her dancers for the crime of being Virgos. The audacity of this woman is far too much. How could she discriminate against the Virgo community in this way? Doesn't she know that Virgo season is upon her, and the wrath of the Virgos is far more ravenous than any other zodiac sign ? You know who a Virgo? Beyoncé. Do you t…
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A compilation of astrology and zodiac sign themed memes

The Best Astrology Memes of the Week (August 21, 2022)

The best thing about horoscopes is that you get a new one every day. I remember when I was a kid, I woke up early to eat breakfast, watch Full House, and read the newspaper with my dad. I would always go to the funnies section for compelling reruns of Peanuts and less-than-good iterations of Dennis the Menace. Next to the cartoons, there were also daily horoscopes. I loved reading my Libra horoscope, my dad's Scorpio horoscope, and the horoscopes of the rest of my family. As much as haters like…
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A list of dog breeds as zodiac signs

Dog Breeds as Zodiac Signs For Astrological Animal Lovers

Have you ever wondered what dog breed best represents your astrological sign ? Well, you've come to the right place. Dogs and zodiac signs are an interesting mix because if you got your dog from the shelter, you likely don't know their sign. You have to decide just by vibes whether your rottweiler is an Aquarius or a Scorpio. Spoiler alert, he's a Scorpio. Dogs have a different kind of birthday called “Gotcha Days,” which marks their adoption date. That's way more fun than a birthday could ever…
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A compilation of astrology and zodiac themed memes for leo season.

Zodiac Memes For The Heat Of Leo Season

It's that astrological time of the week once again! Your day of rest is the perfect time to contemplate your place in the galaxy. Why not spend 6 hours staring at the wall and wondering what the stars have in store for you this week? What could go wrong? This week we are still in the thick of Leo season , which means we have more Leo season horoscopes hot and ready for you. If you were born in the other half of the year, check out your Leo season predictions in last week's horoscopes . Libra: Y…
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A compilation of memes about the Leo astrological zodiac sign.

Leo Memes For The Astrologically Inclined

We are officially in the thick of Leo season, and it feels so good. This time of year is accompanied by many things: record high temperatures, corny back-to-school advertisements, and of course, the celebrated births of those who emerged from their mother's womb between July 22nd to August 23rd. In celebration of this exciting month, here are some Leo Season Horoscopes for your pleasure. Aries: Pay attention during Leo season. A lot of little bugs will come out of the woodworks, and you should…
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A compilation of Zodiac sign themed memes

Zodiac Memes For The Cancer-Leo Cusp

It's finally here, the moment all of us with Leo friends have been waiting for…it's Leo Season! Well, kind of. Although Leo season has begun on paper, if you were born July 19th-July 25th, you are actually on the Cancer Leo cusp, which means you have characteristics of both Cancer and Leo. Some famous Cancer/Leos are Jennifer Lopez, Woody Harelson, Selena Gomez, and Daniel Radcliffe. If you fall in this delicate space between these very different signs, you're in good company! Cancer Leo cusps…
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A compilation of random astrology memes for the end of Cancer season

Astrology Memes To Round Out Cancer Season

Good morning starshine! The earth says hello! If you've clicked on this article, I have reason to believe you are an individual of the astrological persuasion. If so, welcome! This is a safe space for you. I never really understood why people were such haters of astrology. If you're a guy who has preemptively judged for your astrological sign by women, that could be an impetus for rage. But let's be honest: if you're an Aries , and your crush is a Cancer , and she rejects you because of that, y…
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An article compiling "she's a 10, but" tweets as zodiac signs

'She's a 10 But' Memes Get the Astrology Treatment

The “she’s a 10, but…’’ meme has blown up online over the past week. It originated as a game on TikTok, where friends would ask each other how a potential romantic partners attractiveness would be affected by certain qualities. For instance one person might say, “he’s a 6, but he gets his memes from Memebase” and the other person might respond, “he’s a 10.” Since it’s rise in popularity on TikTok, the meme format has made its way to Twitter, where countless iterations of the joke have been shar…
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