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Katie Thurston's Bachelorette Premiere: The Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Here we go again.
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Hit Me Where It Hurts Why Dontcha

Funny Twitter meme about a new bartender making a virgin pina colada for someone
Via ravenflies

Nature Is So Beautiful

Caption that reads, "When confronted by females, a herd of vapers will release a large pastry-scented cloud in attempt to protect their virginity" above a pic of a bunch of nerds vaping at a convention
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text virginity funny burn - 9152686848
Via IsNice

But I Mean, What About You?

Via channelate

Maybe Dracula Needs to Go to Game Stop

Via Steve Lichman

The Truth Behind Heaven

Via Its The Tie
sex virginity Video - 69202433

This is the Best Story of Losing Virginity You'll Ever Watch

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Found: One Massive High-Five!

virginity - 8249468160

Found! One Massive High Five!

bros virginity - 8091958272

Has Science Gone Too Far?

pills sexy times virginity funny - 8058002688

I Guarantee It!

sex relationships virginity funny dating - 7510304256

My Waifu Will Protect Me!

wtf waifu virginity - 6960055808
Created by Chrispy

His VP is Over 9000!!!!

costume guns over 9000 virginity - 6721200384
Created by clover45

The Virginity is Strong With This One

Skyrim youtube virginity - 6694672896
Created by Tman89frost

The Virginity Is Strong In This One

virginity sand - 6215342080
Created by Unknown
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