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Funny stories about the most new york things to happen to people

New Yorkers Share the Most 'New York' Things To Ever Happen to Them

“Only in New York” is such an overused sentiment. Even as a New Yorker who often feels as though I've seen it all, something about it can feel a bit off, or self-congratulatory. But then I remember “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and am glad that my fellow city-dwellers simply love to share stories that are often an amalgam of
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People Argue About Whether Keeping Found Money is Ethical in Divided Thread

When I was a teenager, some friends and I were hanging out in a park one evening when we came across a wallet sitting in the grass. We opened it up to see if there was an ID and sure enough, there was, along with sixty bucks. We all agreed to bring it to the local precinct, but first we had a little fun and tossed it in a circle like a football. We briefly entertained the idea of keeping the cash, as any teenager would. But in the end, we did the right thing and turned the wallet in. I think in
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Former Servers Relive the Nightmare of Food Service in Viral Thread

Servers are the unsung warriors of the restaurant industry . On top of being expected to maintain an impeccable memory under extreme pressure, servers have to swallow their pride and put on a smile while taking abuse from unreasonable Karens, splitting checks between dozens of drunk college students, and making sure glasses are never empty. And what do servers get in the end? Just enough tips to pay the rent and years of stress dreams about serving to look forward to. When @roastmalone_ tweeted…
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Funny tweets, the thing that killed meme

'The Thing That Killed' Twitter Memes Mix Technical Truths and Mock Horror

You want me to do what now?
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Deathbed Prank Idea Sparks Funny Reactions & Memes

What an epic way to go out
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Relatable Thread About the Formulaic Quality of All Work Emails

Writing a generic email for work often feels so absurd, like we've evolved into administrative bots without real human personalities. Can you blame us, though? The average white-collar office job doesn't doesn't exactly inspire creativity. Most of us just want to get through the day as efficiently as possible so that we can go home and look at memes. @veryimportant hit the nail on the head with one comically relatable tweet about generic email formulas. The tweet resonated with so many people t
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Funny twitter thread that imagines what life would be like if the avengers were real, we would hate them, lol

Twitter Thread Imagines A Chaotic World Where The Avengers Are Real

Well, it wouldn't be boring.
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Thread Thoroughly Outlines the Fascinating History of the Appalachian Mountains

Sometimes Twitter is good
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New Yorkers Wade Through Literal Cesspools to Catch the Train

Hurricane Elsa is putting NYC's infrastructure to the test
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Funny tweets about gray skittles for pride month lgbtq+

Skittles Is Getting Roasted For Their Gray 'Pride Edition' Candies

Here we go again
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Tweets roast people who would put gasoline in bags, gas shortage

Gas Shortage Inspires Rumors of Bagged Gasoline & Roasty Tweets

Classic USA
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Funny tweets about the existence of Apology Dinner, REDDIT, AITA, am i the asshole

'Apology Dinners' Are The Latest Concept To Perplex The Internet

It's all thanks to Reddit.
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Through The Power Of The Internet, Prancer The 'Demonic' Man-Hating Chihuahua Found A Home

We love to see it
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Funny tweets from Steak-Umm arguing with Neil Degrasse Tyson about science, puns, punny jokes, meat puns, beef puns

Steak-Umm Reignites Beef With Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Puns Ensue

Gotta hand it to 'em.
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Kid confronts mom in video because the mom believes that antifa was behind the storming of the capitol, while it was debunked by the FBI - MAGA, Donald trump, insurrection | They're antifa, dressed in MAGA clothes | The CrankiestAssCajun @aCrankyAssCajun This kid rules. More parent shaming. Fifty Shades Of Whey @davenewwo This is your brain on Fox News

Video: Kid Confronts Mom Over Belief That Antifa Stormed The Capitol

Oh boy.
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Crazy tweet comparing the word karen to the n-word, slurs, manager, john mulaney, viral tweets | EmillySwaven @EmillySwaven Yes K-word is stronger than n-word, at least currently. Misogyny and patriarchy has been around longer than slavery. Just don't use either, ok? dear millenials: Stop saying Karen "Karen" is sexist and racist term equivalent n-word white women. Calling woman "Karen" is an attempt get rid women's right stand up themselves. 4:02 PM 4/19/20 Twitter iPhone |  Kyle e @KylePlantEm

Heinous Tweet Claims 'Karen' Is A Slur, Enrages Twitter

Enough already.
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