Funny memes about music | 2020: music sheet | just want take break practice and empty my thoughts just gaze into distance mountain and trees reflecting in water to create the shape of a violin

Sixteen Band Geek Memes For Musical Nerds

Sup band geeks?
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Slow Clap

Funny twitter pun in response to a mom complaining that her kid lost a cello, the joke is that she is resorting to violins, violence, funny tweets
Via supercalifragisisticexistentialcrisis
Video of a guy imitating the sounds of several instruments on his guitar

Guy Masterfully Imitates Other Instruments Using Only His Guitar

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I'm Just Here

Funny meme about hope and dreams.
Via stability


Funny meme about a photo of a man laughing at his violin, silly stock photo.
Via xVexify

Have We Peaked?

funny meme about the future having flying cars, then in 2017 having people play violin with a fidget spinner.
Via nilsimanxbox
car alarm violin Video - 77617153

This Violinist Imitating a Car Alarm is Both Heinous and Impressive

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Forever an Amateur

Music violin straws - 8078375680
Created by Unknown

Budget Musician

Music cups violin fast food - 7830030592
Created by Unknown


wtf gun violin funny - 7765440512
Created by Unknown


Ladies Love pitch violin - 5934540032
Created by Unknown

It Was Expensive

misunderstood mitch small tiny violin - 5168458240
See all captions Created by Unknown

NO, Sistah

boy dogs girl hilarious violin - 5302748928
Created by moriaty123


dogs hilarious violin - 5272645632
Created by Unknown


hilarious sarcasm tiny violin - 5177189632
Created by Kell Smurthwaite ( Via )
animemes cat cover Nyan Cat Video violin - 24425473

Intertube Records: Violinyan Cat

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