Violent Change

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I've Been Cultivating My Assassin Skills

video games facebook Farmville violence - 6656016896

Not For the Squeamish

double meaning everything went better than expected graph literalism violence - 6591610624
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Rated I for Immature

Blood girls mature violence - 6550578432
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Reality TV is Real Life, You Know

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Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

Aliens Gears of War the feels video games violence - 6276311296

Mario's Rage

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One Million Hypocrites

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The Humanity

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Video Games: I Totally Hit That Guy, I Swear!

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Ron Artest is a Spartan

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No, Monopoly Games Are Far More Likely to End in Violence

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Contradictory CopperCab

coppercab ginger violence - 6074263808
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Arrested for Being the Best Band in the World

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Bad Argument Hippie Wears That Cool Pirate Shirt

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Planet of The Aches

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