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Super-Fresh & Super-Specific Starter Pack Memes

We've got to hand it to the creators of starter pack memes. While some starter packs are easy (grandma starter pack, high school teacher starter pack) most require a good deal of thought. While the format itself is super versatile, it's hard to pull 'em off in a way that does the subject justice. These starter packs, carefully selected from the r/starterpack subreddit, are the best we've seen lately. And we're here to share 'em with you.

Funny starter pack memes, vin diesel, fast and furious, relatable memes | Vin Diesel movie starter pack hot gf Excellent driver word Former family soldier Basically superhero FAF 20 Emotionless | Elementary School Black History Month Starter Pack THIS iS GeOrgE WASHINGTON cArVer No silly, not George Washington! He Changed America's peanuts Forever!
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