A compilation of tweets about the the NFL and the beginning of Football season

NFL Tweets to Celebrate The Start of Football Season

Yesterday, the long-awaited first Sunday of the football season commenced. To that I say, thank God, because summer sports don't hit the same. You've got baseball every day, which isn't as easy to get invested in. You don't have that one special day a week where your team plays: every day could be a great day in baseball, but you don't have the psychic powers to know which day that will be. In football, you have your weekly special day to watch the big game. No matter what happens, you know The…
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15+ Victorious Viking Memes For Axe-Brandishing Norse Fans

Valhalla bound
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History Memes Filled With Educational Humor

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If You Missed Last Night's Game, It Was Basically Just This

miss universe vikings seahawks
Via nfl_memes

The Vikings Have Pokemon

funny Pokémon vikings - 7979442688

Damn Ninjas,

funny ninjas pirates vikings - 7926531584
Created by Bloodjack

Take That Vikings

awesome Rum pirates vikings - 7917535744

Now Those Are Some Scary Wenches

funny pirates wenches vikings - 7903327232

Everyone Needs Wenches

funny pirates wenches vikings - 7897987840

Can't Decide if Trve Kvlt or Not

vikings Game of Thrones tv shows - 7782159104

Screw That, I Ain't No Viking!

vikings thumbs injuries - 6812615168

Well, They DID Try to Catch All of the British Isles...

Pokémon vikings - 7269001216

I Humbly Accept This Great Honor

vikings me gusta on the bus bus - 7683411968

Vikings Are the Hulks of History

vikings angry funny - 7614051840

The Two Get Confused Quite Frequently

history vikings dinosaurs truancy story - 7429047296
Created by thefruitnoob

Lagertha from Vikings Totally Looks Like Ke$ha

vikings totally looks like kesha - 7336830208
Created by AshKat2451
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