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Gamers Discuss Their Favorite Excuses For Map Boundaries in Video Games

Game developers can get pretty creative with it
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Gamers Imagine Getting Stuck in a Mashup of the Last Two Games They Played

Red Dead Redemption and Doki Doki Literature Club sounds terrifying
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Amusing Thread Looks Back on Unhinged Video Game Ads From the 90s

Is Nintendo okay?
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Viral TikToks That Will Unite Every Type of Gamer

From Minecraft to Call Of Duty, you'll relate.
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Gamers Describe Video Games Through Hypothetical 'Florida Man' Headlines

Redditors have managed to combine two beloved internet topics: video games and "Florida Man" headlines
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20+ Memes for Nerds Who'd Rather Be Gaming

Gaming memes worth pressing pause for
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20+ Memes Both Blatantly Naughty & Filled With Innuendo

Mamma Mia
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A Wealth of Crappy Takes From Poisoned Gamers

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16 Video Game Memes NPCs Wouldn’t Understand

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Casual Gamers Bond Over Shared Psychopathy When They Play “The Sims”

Yay! Virtual murder
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Funny gaming memes, dank memes, stupid memes, nerdy memes, lord of the rings, star wars, dungeons and dragons | Look Like Senate Well course know him. He's me Star Wars Palpatine | Dungeons and Dragons? Is some sort sex thing? The IT crowd

30+ Memes For Almost Every Type Of Nerd

Paging all geeks
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Fascinating and informative twitter thread from chuck e. cheese employee who conducted behavioral study using sounds and lights in games to see what people respond to | Professor_Palmer @CaryPalmerr The last few weeks I've begun conducting my own behavioral study in secret. I have been adjusting games at Chuck E Cheese and recording the subconscious response of guest interaction over the week.  I've discovered some pretty interesting things.  A long thread | This is the game that made me start

Twitter Thread: Chuck E. Cheese Worker Conducts Behavioral Study Using Arcade Games

People are very easily manipulated
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Pick Up Artist Mocked For Cringey Video Game Style Meet Cute

Where's the cheat code
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A Hefty Batch Of Memes For the Bored and the Boring

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15+ Steam Reviews From Entertainingly Troubled Gamers

Thumbs up
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Gamers Reminisce On Video Games They Wish They Could Start All Over Again

Some things are just special like that.
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