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Boomer Boss Rejects Applicant For Being a Gamer

We've all been asked about our hobbies in a job interview at one point or another. That is one of those moments in a job interview to show off how well-rounded, unique, and relaxed you are. It's normal to stretch the truth to sound more impressive than you are. If I were to give you one good tip for the hobby question, it would be to include at least one athletic hobby. For some reason, that type of hobby makes you look like you've got your stuff together. It doesn't matter if it's an adult dod…
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Passenger Shares Surreal Airport Experience Right Out Of a Videogame

Talk about liminal space.
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Twitter Meme Dunks On Aesthetic Romance Posting

Aesthetics are for losers, pass it on.
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Well Why Didn't You Say So?

jobs work video game lol - 8772373248
Created by Luchabro ( Via meejle )
video game swords fighting oblivion video game logic - 104710

To Each His Own, Man

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video game nintendo nx theory - 79011073

Are the Nintendo NX Controller Leaks Real or Fake?

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How Every Awful Video Game "Thing" Was Born

video game DLC web comics - 8761514496
Via Dorkly

Anyone else can relate?

pause video game mom - 8561569024
Created by Unknown

Steal Your Heart, Huh?

betch please fight heart romance video game video games - 5045559040
Created by tbonemiles

Always The Cop...

table flip me gusta video game Grand Theft Auto - 8542169600
Created by Unknown

Wii U Controller Totally Looks Like Xbox Controller

funny TLL video game xbox - 6298522112
Created by Max45a

The Oregon Trail of Tears

comic Death died homophones mac pixelated video game - 4415658752
Created by Unknown

Louis Everett from 1112 Totally Looks Like Johnny Depp

actor Johnny Depp video game - 4389767424
Created by Unknown

Mario Star

forever alone trollface video game Super Mario bros - 8279660032
Created by Unknown
first person videos video game sonic - 52971777

This is What a Sonic Game Would Look Like in First Person

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Thanks for the Motivation...

motivation video game - 7063726848
Created by Rose
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