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Fed-up Employee Quits Right Before Coworker’s First Holiday in 3 Years

Fed-up Employee Quits Right Before Coworker’s First Holiday in 3 Years

Get a job, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Well, for this young employee, fun it was not . OP was sharing a space with one of their coworkers, who was the oversharing type. You know, that person who comes up to you after you return to work on a Monday, all grumpy that the weekend has ended, and tells you the most grisly details about how they spent the past few days? So imagine that person is not only blabbing about their life but also talking over you whenever other people are around, tell…
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When Are They Gonna Start Touring

Tweet that reads, "I just learned that Mike Pence's middle name is Charles. So together they're DJ Trump and MC Pence. WTF?"
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Collection of funny memes featuring Mike Pence in photoshopped situations after his trip to NASA.

14 Best Mike Pence "Do Not Touch" NASA Photo Memes

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I Thought You Could Just Go In the Suit

wait vice president debate pee paul ryan joe biden - 6715749376
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Video vice president Debates america politics - 43160833

Autotune Vice-Presidential Debate

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Vice Presidential Debate Bingo

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Of Course, I Might Cry if You Don't

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Mittens - Ears 2012

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Mitt Romney political pictures vice president - 6210696704
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TLL Classics: Vice President Thomas Marshall Totally Looks Like William H. Macy

actor actors mustache mustaches political politics vice president william-h-macy - 5274184960

Joe Biden Totally Looks Like This Headlight

car political politics teeth vice president - 5210466816
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TLL Classics: Joe Biden Totally Looks Like Bob Barker

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TLL Classics: The John C. Calhoun Classics Collection

back to the future beast christopher lloyd classics comics edge Hall of Fame john-c-calhoun Johnny Depp muppets political politics Sam the Eagle vice president x men - 4991132160

One of My Most Memorable Shootings

Dick Cheney guns shooting vice president - 4450111232
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