venn diagram

The Perfectly Centered Venn Diagram

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Choosing Classes In College

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The Perfect Reason For Your Comfiest Pants

thanksgiving venn diagram food holidays - 7926380032
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Summary Of Straight Men

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And Never the Two Shall Meet

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Don't Tell Those Fanatic Teeny-Boppers About This

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Like The Importance of Using a Venn Diagram

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Parents with Toddlers Can't Have it All

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Here's Another One to Put in the Overlap

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Marriage is a Compromise, But Punctuality Isn't

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The Overlap is When You Start at Your Abs

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The Shaded Area is a Shout Out to all the Bloody Mary Lovers

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A Sobering Venn Diagram

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And May the Three Never Merge

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But At Least They Can Make Awesome Venn Diagrams

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Small Differences

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