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Random & Raunchy Tweets From A Hilariously Absurd Twitter Account

Top @VeggieFact memes from 2020
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Naive Youth

Funny meme about math, complicated math, veggie tales, school memes, allow us to introduce ourselves | 5th Grade me: Math is my favourite subject. It's so fun and it's also very easy greek symbols Letters Allow us to introduce ourselves
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Funny tweets from Twitter account "Veggietales Facts" | Veggietales Facts @Veggiefact does anyone know any demonic rituals can do with household supplies on budget

Sixteen Deranged Tweets From Cursed Twitter Account 'VeggieTales Facts'

For people who want to expand their veggie knowledge!
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Have We Got A Show For You!

Funny meme that reads, "I'm so bored I've been trying to get these two to tell me Bible stories for the past hour" above a photo of a cucumber next to a tomato
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Funny meme that reads, "Thing: *exists;* philosophers: ..." above a GIF of Bob the tomato from Veggie Tales thinking hard about something
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47 Amusing Memes Just For The Heck Of It

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24 Rando Memes To Put Some Sass In Your Day

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Caption that reads, "Me: Yo pass the aux cord; Friend: You better not play trash; Me: ..." above a pic of 'Silly Songs with Larry' next to a pic of a guy dancing
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14 Triggering Parenting Memes That Will Really Irritate Anyone With Kids

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17 Sassy Memes About Parenting Life From 'The Nerd Dad'

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Dang It.

veggie tales university college students funny memes college problems finals week funny final exams - 9159630336
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Veggie Tales? Nope!

alive bible genius kids nope produce veggie tales - 5243652096
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