Neighborhood Environmentalist Takes Neighbors to Court After They Cut Down the 100 Year Old White Oak Tree in Their Own Front Yardupr

Neighborhood Environmentalist Takes Neighbors to Court After They Cut Down the 100 Year Old White Oak Tree in Their Own Front Yard

One neighborhood resident took things way too far after her neighbors cut down the big, white oak tree in their front yard that was, one hundred percent on their property, and also, one hundred percent on its way to a better world. What I am saying is, that the tree was proclaimed as ‘not going to make it’ by an arborist who came to check out the tree after the tree remained barren during Spring. All the other trees were sprouting leaves, but this great white oak tree was sprouting nothing. Lef…
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A Healthy Serving of Deliciously Funny Veggie Memes

It's time to eat your vegetable memes!
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Nutritionist Gets Roasted for Healthy Salad "Craving", Evoking Women Laughing Alone With Salad Meme

Right in front of my salad?
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25 Vegetarian Food Memes for Plant-Based Food Lovers

Being a vegetarian isn't easy. You must make appropriate changes to your everyday consumption with any dietary restrictions. In the case of vegetarianism , it means no meat. That's stating the obvious, but until you've stepped into the shoes of a vegetarian, it's difficult to fully realize how limiting that can be. Meat is the norm in so many cultures. With American food, it's near impossible to avoid. Imagine going to a restaurant, perusing the wide variety of the menu, and then realizing you'…
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Man-Baby Screams At Girlfriend For Sneaking Vegetables Into His Meals

He's got a flair for the dramatic
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Best Gardening Memes For Pottering Around the Flowerbeds With

Get growing
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Parents Reveal Clever Hacks For Duping Kids Into Eating Healthy Foods

Why eat broccoli when you could have dinosaur trees?
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Veganuary Memes That Are Saving the Animals, One Vegan at a Time

Vegetable supremacy
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A Patch of Seasonal Pumpkin Memes for All Spooky Fall Needs

King of the squashes
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A compilation of food images that are both gross and deeply compelling.

Disgusting Foods From Disturbed Culinary Minds

The 1950s was the golden age of the Jell-O mold . Homemakers regularly put their leftover fruits, vegetables, and even cheeses into a monstrosity of gelatin. This culinary trend sparks a lot of unanswered questions. What secrets were they hiding in there? Who decided this was a good idea? Was Jell-O the symbol of the repressed female rage that lived inside every 1950s housewife? Throughout the past few decades, foods have gotten even crazier than lime Jell-O with cottage cheese. With newfangled…
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Bemused Daughter Shares Mom’s Vegetatively Odd Hobby With The World

“You can take the girl out of the dirt, but you can’t take the dirty out of the girl.”
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A Convenient Collection of Memes For Low-Energy Scrollers

They're good
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15+ People Reveal The Overhyped Food They Actually Hate

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Have We Got A Show For You!

Funny meme that reads, "I'm so bored I've been trying to get these two to tell me Bible stories for the past hour" above a photo of a cucumber next to a tomato
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Funny meme about mark hoppus as vegetables being washed, lettuce, bacteria
Via @memebase

Humans Have Really Gone Downhill

Funny meme about how men don't know how to survive in the 'wild' anymore
Via LeoSenior
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