Threat Level Rising

Funny meme about vegans getting too powerful, gun made out of vegetables.
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Everyone Loses

Funny meme in which two root vegetables look like they are fighting, caption says it is two vegans fighting over who is more vegan.
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funny meme about vegans and how they never shut up about being vegan, one climbs mountain and dies.
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Funny meme using Bill Wurtz "history of the entire world" - when you invite a vegan over to your house and they want to know what they can eat: image and text read "now you can eat sunlight"
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We're Waiting

Funny meme: PETA tweets that cows are friends and not food, but someone replies asking them to name one cow they are friends with.
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Chat of friends planning a bbq, describing the meat they are going to eat at the party. The host asks if there are any vegans in the group. Once a vegan responds, he removes them from the chat - uninviting them. Funny screenshot.
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They Have Feelings, Too

How vegans see gingerbread men - one half of the cookie is decorate to have organs and bones.
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Photos of vegetables looking scared because they cannot run from vegans,
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Don't call yourself a vegan if you don't know who this is, green guy from Spongebob making a fruit smoothie.
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Memes vegan fish - 9023694080
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I Thought They Only Drank Kombucha

water Memes vegan image - 8994952704
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thanksgiving grandma vegan Video - 83416321

If Your Grandma Was This Savage About Her Cooking You'd Probably Be More Willing to Try Her Weird Vegan Thanksgiving Roast

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Protect the Planet

activism image vegan - 8987177728
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