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A compilation of memes themed around food.

Delicious Food Memes To Quench Your Hunger

Food is the fuel of the now. Without it, you will literally die. The only reason you can read this sentence is that you've eaten food recently. Well, that's not the only reason, but it's definitely up there. Food is more than just a tool to not die for most people. While a rare few would prefer just to take a food pill, others see past its admittedly functional nature. Food can be a way of communicating love and care for your family and yourself. Making a meal for somebody can mean much more th…
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27 Memes 'N Tweets That'll Inject Your Day With Comedy

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Funny meme about vegans who eat fish, darth maul.
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Funny random memes.

34 Funny Pics That'll Heal Your Mental Wounds

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30 Entertaining Nuggets Of Comedy Goodness

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This Is So Sad

Funny meme about vegan brains.
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Take That, Vegans

Funny meme about carnivorous plants and vegans.
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Delicious AND Nutritious!

Funny meme about vegan sushi, fruit by the foot, fruit snacks.
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A Delicious Vegan Meal

Tweet showing a pic of some cooked spinach on a plate, with the caption "This is forty-five bags of spinach"
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Wow, So Sad

Funny meme about vegan tearing apart a family of carrots.
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Get Woke

Funny meme about vegans eating the entire rainforest.
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Funny and savage vegan memes.

30 Sassy Memes That'll Trigger Your Vegan Friends

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