Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Blood vampires - 7813005824
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Get Rekt, Atheists!


Effects Comparison Chart

attacks comparison movies stephenie meyer vampires - 2100652288
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Well, You're Not Wrong...


Get Rekt, Atheists!

god vampires - 8208662016

Everything Got Cuter!

Harry Potter vampires twilight funny - 8385368576
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Just Skull-King For Puns

puns vampires skeletons web comics - 8368474880
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Ain't That the Tooth

halloween vampires web comics - 8320003072
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Think Outside The Pop!

Balloons meta vampires pop - 8306004992
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Vampires Can Get Senile

vampires time travel web comics - 8298787584
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In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

vampires space web comics - 8293827584
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God Damn Gluten Allergies

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Must Be Day Walkers

funny vampires world cup - 8238309376
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Like Garlic to Vampires

vampires apples doctors web comics - 8161803776
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How I Get To Sleep in a World of Monsters

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Well, That Makes Sense

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