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Valve Introduces a System That Allows Steam Workshop Modders to Charge for Their Mods, With Valve Pocketing 75% of the Profits

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Yeah, I Don't Think It'll Be That Way, Buddy...

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One Last Design Proposal for Valve

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The Ultimate Troll - Gabe Newell

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HA! You Idiots Actually Think Half-Life 3 is Going to Happen?

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Gaben Talks About the Future of PC Gaming

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Good Guy Valve

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Gaben, Please Be Gentle

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The Future of Gaming is Bleak

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When Will Gabe Finally Deliver?

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Can't Wait for X-Ricochet 2

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Rubbing it in for Ya

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Just Let it Sink In

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When Half Life-3 Eventually Comes Out

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I May Still Be Able to Benefit from This Sale

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