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Woman Gets Robbed, Thief Allegedly Leaves Her Vaccine Card

Stay safe!
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Twitter Imagines A Post-Covid World Thanks To Changing CDC Guidelines

Covid might not be over, but neither are the punchlines.
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How Every Conversation Will Be For The Next Few Months

Small talk in the time of Covid
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31 Dank Medical Memes For MD Students & Health Professionals

What's up doc?
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Spicy Twitter Memes Pit Pfizer & Moderna Against J&J

Pfizer & Moderna are like the cool girls who were mean to you in high school
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52 Funny Fresh Tweets From The Witty Side Of Twitter

It's Twitter time
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Mamma Mía

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Via Miiaka
funny memes, spicy memes, shitposts, stupid memes, funny, memes, lol, dank memes, relatable memes, broke, stimulus, covid-19 memes, vaccine, random memes, christmas | Don't call yourself gamer, if haven't played this game. virtual anal probing | trying stop my hand buying Microsoft products after taking Covid Vaccine

35 Spicy Memes For Sassy People

A mix of memes ranging from topical to silly
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Conspiracy theorists tweet in response to Sir Ian McKellen's recommendation of the covid-19 vaccine | Ian McKellen @IanMcKellen I feel very lucky to have had the vaccine. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Sir Ian McKellen praises NHS after first dose of Pfizer vaccine mirjam kotter @m_kotter Replying to  @IanMcKellen where is the live video with a closeup of the actual vaccination? And what is in the syringe?? Could be just a vitamine shot | Alison Onedaland @AOnedaland

Twitter Conspiracy Theorists Attack Ian McKellen's Vaccine Endorsement

Oh no they didn't
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Twitter Users Meme About Looking Forward To Post-Vaccine Hangouts

Everyone's eager to chill with the gang again
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Funny tweets about people who don't have to worry about what's in the vaccine, straight man's towel, papa john's, dirty pillows, 4 loko | giabuchi lastrassi @jaboukie if you ever used a straight man's towel don't worry about what's in the vaccine | Steven Avocado @StevenAvocado If your pillow looks like this, don't worry about what's in the vaccine

25 Kinds Of People Who Shouldn't Worry About What's In The Covid Vaccine

All hail the scientists and doctors of Twitter.
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Funny memes about anti-vaxxers

Anti-Vaxxer Memes For The Science-Believers

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Funny memes about nursing and the medical profession

Fifteen Medical Memes For The Nurses

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thread where anti-vaxxer and troll duke it out

Ignorant Anti-Vaxxer Challenges Doctor On Twitter And Loses

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anti vaxxer mom

High School Girl Stands Up To Her Insane Anti-Vax Mom By Getting Vaccinated Anyway

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anti vaxxer jokes and memes such as an anti vax mom asking how to protect her kid from measles

17 Infuriating Anti-Vaxx Memes And Moments Of Sheer Lunacy

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