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'Hedge fund managers': The most useless and overpaid jobs, according to Reddit

We don't need 'em
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'Any creative solutions?': Real estate expert bemoans newbuild design feature, starts ridiculous interior design meme

Inaccessible for everything but Photoshop
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Funny memes for if you ever feel useless | If ever feel useless just remember Bing's top searched word is google Top 10 Bing Search Queries World google 44 million youtube 33 million facebook 31 million gmail 15 million get help windows 10 12 million yahoo 7 million amazon 6 million facebook log 6 million hotmail S million get help with file explorer windows 10 5 million 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 | If ever feel useless just think Kelly Nelson Costume Designer JENNIFER BRYAN Art Director BJA

20+ Memes That Might Make You Feel Less Useless

A difficult task, to be sure.
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It's Easy!

Funny meme about stupid ways to stop bullying, tell the bully to stop
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Facebook post that reads, "Give yourself the most useless superhero ability;" someone comments below, "Thoughts and Prayers Man"
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It Me

Funny comic about brains storing trivial knowledge.
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Righteous Bro

Map of Australia from the 1800s that depicts a giant river going through the middle of the continent, and text that reads, "Thomas J. Maslen imagined a big river in the middle of Australia, 1830"
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Chart illustration of men and women with yellow coloring over different parts of their bodies and a text caption below that reads, "See the shocking truth about what mustard does to your body depending on where you slather it on yourself"
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Iron Man's Totally Useless Sidekick!

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "You've met Iron Man, now get ready for..." over a pic of a small busy for sale of a Pineapple Boy'
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'Firing A Gun At The Sun' Memes Show How Utterly Meaningless Our Efforts Are

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bad life hacks

17 Sh*tty Life Hacks That You Definitely Should Not Follow

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annoying hilarious paris hilton useless - 6478257920

Seems Like a Waste of Button

buttons funny manly useless - 8342694400

Classic: King of the Sea

useless DC aquaman - 8319379968

Poor Aquaman, He's About to Get Eaten.

aquaman cthulhu funny useless - 8015454464

In Case You Couldn't Tell

fire useless web comics - 7970711296
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