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See, Video Games Aren't a Waste of Time!

web comics useful video games See, Video Games Aren't a Waste of Time!
Via redpenblackpen

Use For Yahoo! Answers

Pie chart showing how most of yahoo answers goes to failblog eventually.
By Samin09 (Via Yahoo Answers)

New Invention

funny useful web comics - 7885986304
Via Destructive Outlet

Magikarp Is Wicked Useful

funny useful - 7796054784
By Marscaleb

Hooray for the Weekends

useful weekend - 7327500288
By highthreadcount

Laser Pool Guide

gifs pool lasers useful - 7113861376
By Unknown


hat useful - 3709962752
See all captions By BKDT

Sadly True

venn diagram flashlight useful - 6937727232
Via I Love Charts

Reframe: Not Just Any Seal

sign bike useful - 6877188608
By Unknown


useful advice genitals wtf chainsaw - 4542915328
See all captions By Exe_Arco


beard hilarious useful wtf - 6257965824
By Unknown

So Much for All That Useless Trivia

facts information Line Graph useful - 6205762048
Via I Love Charts

Forever Zoidberg

forever alone friends futurama useful Zoidberg - 5228964608
By PlutoniumApe

Self-Winding Spaghetti Fork

best of week gifs invention nom nom nom spaghetti useful win - 5119820544
By _C_A_T_ (Via
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