Why I Drink Alone in the Bathroom

bathroom drinking pee urine - 5835416832
By bradleyzimmer

Anywhere and Everywhere

bathroom number one pee the internets urine - 5764410112
By Unknown

She Must Be Really Pissed!

answer ask help homophone homophones lolwut question sex trouble tumblr urine youre-in - 5588259328
Via Punblr

Better Clear My Ears Out.

bear grylls clean drops ears urine - 5323947520
By CodyChaos

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Good Times hey guys peeing urine - 5272247040
By Unknown

Meanwhile in Paris...

awesome best of week paris urine - 5232335872
By Terrador

Open for Business

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By jesse9008

Sick of Drinking His Own Urine

alcohol bear grylls drink elderbomb homeless urine - 5146586368
By Unknown

Dammit Kong!

king kong urine wtf - 5015477760
By -Ghost-

Bear Loves His Disney

bear grylls disney the internets urine - 4988660480
By xnerdyxrealistx

The Shadow Stalker: Better Pee in Your Bed

bed bedroom chivalry darkness knights lisa night pee piss running sleeping stains stalker The Shadowlurker urine - 5001451264
By don_walter (Via

I Think It's Called 'Dysuria'

From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio pee urine - 4973350144
By Unknown

Lame Pun Coon: Toilet Humor

jokes Lame Pun Coon toilet urine - 4878881280
See all captions By Dr.Quincy

Urine Is Not Gasoline

caught in the act pee urine - 4848286208
By Unknown


bear grylls book hilarious urine wtf - 4838388992
See all captions By GrinningRat

"Memebase Saved My Life"

bear grylls meme TV urine - 4808994048
By PhinMcQ