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Dude Takes Girlfriend To Breaking Point With Living Room Urinal

He has another toilet...
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Make Peeing Fun Again

Funny meme about bathroom that looks like it gives you different challenges to aim your pee at great distances.
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The Next Huuuge Trend in UK's Pubs is Pissing All Over American Politics (One Candidate in Particular)

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This Bar's Urinal is a Wee Bit More Interesting

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beer urinal piss - 8600366592
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What a Unique Gravy Boat, Hun!

trolling memes urinal gravy boat
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You Might Want to Get That Checked Out...

bathrooms urinal - 8208664576

Like What You See, Ladies?

trolling memes painting watches you pee
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The Proper Way to Kick of a Conversation in The Restroom

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Is That Why Your Pee Smells Funny?

funny memes vegan at the urinal
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guillotine hilarious urinal - 4953315584
Created by hombre

I'll Pass, Thanks

bathrooms urinal - 7809940480
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If You Read Only One Web Comic This Day, It Must Be This One

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The Ugly Truth

NSA urinal poker face prism sweet jesus - 7563329280
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Why Is the Water Yellow?

bad idea urinal funny - 8448980480
Created by Unknown

Some People, Man...

urinal poker face bathroom - 8448961280
Created by gravedigga63
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