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A compilation of memes about True Crime shows and podcasts

True Crime Memes For Morbid True Crime Fanatics

There are a lot of true crime haters in this world, and frankly, I get it! Not everybody has the temperament and the willpower to watch or listen to hours of painstakingly long and graphic content about murders . When I was a teenager, I was far more interested in true crime documentaries about kidnapping cases like Jaycee Lee Dugard or Elizabeth Smart than I was in serial killers. I was a casual 20/20 viewer, but that would rarely get as intense as the true crime media we see dominating today'…
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HH Holmes, serial killers, true crime, crime documentaries, murder, unsolved mysteries, memes, funny memes, morbid curiosity, ted bundy | Imagine get murdered and some girl skips episode forensic files bc its boring | put on Netflix so can fold laundry but just wind up binge watching another docuseries about murder @tank.sinatra

30+ True Crime Memes For The Morbidly Curious

Memes while we wait for the new murder doc to drop
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New Evidence Reveals Zodiac Killer Might Have Been A Guy Called Gary

Gary's online presence was pretty weird
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creepy stories, scary stories, creepy, unexplained, unsolved mysteries, stories, reddit, askreddit, thread, weird, spooky, mysterious | redditaccount1_2 Right after quarantine started got package mail addressed my name and my address and contained 1 pink starburst and nothing else this day have no idea who sent or why return address vacant office space across country. Edit did not eat postmark matched address believe but 's been so long l'm not positive, there is one friend

Ordinary People Share Creepy & Unexplained Experiences

We love a bit of mystery
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Funny tweet about Netflix, unsolved mysteries, tony soprano, james gandolfini, rey rivera | Time Immemorial @timeimmemorial_ Netflix: can YOU solve these unsolved mysteries?? eating peanut butter from the jar
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Wasn't me

Funny meme about eating roommates food.
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No Sh*t, Sherlock

Funny meme about unsolved mysteries and pooping.
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