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30+ Board Game and Card Game Memes For Analog Gamers

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People imagine the insanity of playing uno at a casino, humor, funny, tweets

People Imagine the Absolute Chaos of Playing Uno at a Casino

If you've ever played the frustrating card game, then you probably know that Uno can get pretty damn wild. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the American game was invented in beautiful Reading Ohio, in 1971. The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach 500, which is achieved by discarding all of your cards and counting up the ones held by your opponents, who are usually family or friends that feel pretty unhappy about the game's result. Like Monopoly, the game of Uno has probably…
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Nobody Asked You

Funny tweet from uno | UNO @realUNOgame You cannot play a +2 on a +2. Kraigar stan account a @Wagner... Replying to @reaIUNOgame Thank you for the cards but we'll take it from here
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Funny family guy memes, brian with gun, "no i'm sorry" dank memes | Anime Villain 200 years training sorry power Anime Protagonist friendship No sorry | my friend O sorry No sorry uno cards

These Fresh Family Guy Memes Boast Spice & Versatility

I'm sorry.
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Perpetual Quarantine

Funny meme about uno, quarantine, government keeps adding time to coronavirus lockdown, covid-19 | i guess i could handle 4 weeks of quarantine government: uno cards
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funny random memes relatable mmes, dank memes, coronavirus, school, school memes, fun memes | the simpsons homer cheering up bart March february january This is worst month 2020 2020 worst month so far | sami @sahirious everyone their online classes now animals taking front camera selfies

Medium-Quality Memes For Your Medium-Quality Brains

JK we love you.
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Funny memes about Uno, dank memes, history memes, board games, meme about texting ex or drawing 25 cards, draw 25 meme | meme format where in 1st pic a uno card is shown and in the 2nd pic a person holding a lot of uno cards is shown. dog player show s ur mouth OR draw 25. Mom player Admit wrong OR draw 25

'Draw 25' Memes Take The Game 'Uno' To The Next Level

We'd rather play Monopoly.
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No U

Funny headline that reads, "Hong protester arrested for using giant spoon against water gun vehicles"
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'Uno Reverse Card' Memes Are The Stupidest Way To Totally Destroy Your Enemies

'Uno Reverse Card' Memes Are The Stupidest Way To Get Back At Your Enemies

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Tweet that reads, "My roommate, who teaches sixth graders, has informed me that middle schoolers have started carrying around 'reverse' cards from Uno, so anytime someone insults them they bust out the card and reverse the burn. Cutting. Edge"
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Funny casino royale poker parody memes/

Casino Royale Parody Memes Are Blowin' Up On 4chan

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Funny "You know i had to do it to em" memes, twitter, lucky luciano.

17 Best 'You Know I Had To Do It To Em' Memes

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Funny memes, funny fake life hacks, life hacks, shitty life hacks, uno, bee in water bottle, vibrator.

31 Sh*tty Life Hacks That'll Spice Up Your Existence

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He Gon Get Shut Down

Child playing Uno with an adult
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Powerful Move

uno Yu Gi Oh image - 8983725312
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Nope, Go Again

uno texting sexting - 8299884032
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