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30 Memes for Nurses at the End of Their Rope

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funny memes, relatable memes, memes, coronavirus, working class, work memes, healthcare pls, universal healthcare, student debt, capitalism, socialism, minimum wage, amazon, jeff bezos, rich people, taxes | trad girl and yes chad MY PARENTS AT 25 should start saving retirement IRA or 401k AT 25 If go sleep now then won't have pay food ahorteddreams | too poor afford affordable healthcare guess l'll die

Memes & Tweets For The Fed Up Working Class

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Funny memes about Canada | Ontario be like NTo left! Take detour y'all Road closed this time! Right lanes, 2 closed Left lanes, 2 closed FREEEEEEZE! Everybody traffic jam! dancing construction worker | Gordon Ramsay Canadians are Americans An Idiot Sandwich

Seventeen Canada Memes For Our Neighbors To The North

Thank God it's not winter, amirite?
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Informative Twitter thread about what happens to employees in the service industry when they get sick | tweet by Lauren Hough @laurenthehough don't think people realize many service industry workers will continue going work, cooking and serving food, cleaning houses, and selling respirators, with flu-like symptoms because they don't have paid sick days Even companies do offer sick days, best ever had three. So allowed get sick once year. Unless kid got sick and had use days January

Twitter Thread About Sick Days In The Service Industry Is Depressing As Hell

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Twitter thread about a couple who nearly went bankrupt after their son died because of their insurance company | Michelle DuBarry @DuBarryPie Replying DuBarryPie Have ever had call around find doctor can handle specific insurance situation? Have done days after toddler has died haven't even figured out way talk about husband is injured and urgently needs Rx refill?

Woman's Heartbreaking Story Details Major Problems With Health Insurance Companies

This is terrible.
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Hot Take?

tweet by joshua 4 congress Tweet about wanting a better life for others via universal healthcare, free college, and paid maternal leave | i don't have kids & probably never will i support universal childcare & paid maternal leave i'm never going back to college i support free college. i don't make min wage i support increasing it above the cost of living. this is called "wanting a better life for people"
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Breaking Bad is a Different Story With Universal Healthcare

Canada universal healthcare breaking bad funny - 7462907392
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boo Mitt Romney obamacare political videos universal healthcare Video - 39636993

Mitt Romney Booed at NAACP Convention

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How The Last Month Went Down on Facebook

barack obama facebook Hall of Fame political pictures universal healthcare - 6382576640
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Globetrotting Truths

Hall of Fame health care obamacare political pictures twitter universal healthcare - 6381753344
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Obamacare Upheld

barack obama obamacare political pictures Supreme Court universal healthcare - 6378238208