Article about a person who got fired after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Cruel Boss Fires Employee For Having Brain Cancer

There are many unjust reasons why someone might get fired these days. You can get fired for drinking a tea before you pay for it. You could get fired because a Karen demands it . You can even get fired for simply doing what your company asks of you. However, being sick is one of the cruelest reasons for being terminated without pay.
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Company's Cruel Late & Sick Policies Backfire, Bosses Cry About It

"We're going to make the infraction worth the punishment"
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Doctor Teaches Patient's Boss a Lesson for Threatening to Fire Sick Employee

A good manager makes employees feel supported, heard, and valued. A good manager knows that an empowered employee will do better work than a disgruntled one. A bad manager doesn't care about any of this. A bad manager will unnecessarily flex their power just because they can, even if it means hurting the business. When u/kathjoy called in terribly sick with the flu, her boss gave her an ultimatum: either come into work, get a doctor's note, or get fired. Nearly passing out from her fever, she s…
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Tweets about things people are still annoyed about that their teachers did growing up | Don't Call Lady @cornmaes Replying justinboldaji 4th grade teacher called front class tell no one going want marry because so annoying being bullied hard- core and she didn't believe told her so she tried convince my mom had schizophrenia and hearing shit

Salty People Talk About the Times They Got Screwed Over In School

We'd be pissed about these things too!
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This Some BS

Funny meme that reads, "Me driving to work cursing my parents for birthing me into a world of responsibilities I didn't ask for" above a still of Squidward looking annoyed while driving a car
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Better Have That Dinner Ready When I Get Home!

Caption that reads, "Women should be fit, know how to cook, have long hair, wear makeup, wear pink and feminine colors, shave, and listen to men or else they don't even have a CHANCE with a guy like me" above an image of a fat, balding Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents
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Don't You Just Hate it When Teachers Single You Out Like This?

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It's the Tortoise's Challenge to Lose

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