Ordinary People Share Creepy & Unexplained Experiences

Whether or not you believe in things like aliens or ghosts, there's no doubt that abnormal, unexplainable experiences are pretty damn unsettling. Where does the fear come from? That chill you feel when you suddenly hear or see something out of the ordinary. Is it superstitious fear of something supernatural or is it simply fear of the unknowable? It seems like we humans are easily unnerved by the things we can't explain and have no control over. But these feelings can also be pretty vicariously exhilarating. Why else would horror and mystery be such popular genres in fiction? 

We're stoked that u/LBE asked redditors to share their own spooky experiences because these strange stories from ordinary people gave us quite a thrill. If you're into unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena, you might be into this unsettling Reddit thread. 

creepy stories, scary stories, creepy, unexplained, unsolved mysteries, stories, reddit, askreddit, thread, weird, spooky, mysterious | redditaccount1_2 Right after quarantine started got package mail addressed my name and my address and contained 1 pink starburst and nothing else this day have no idea who sent or why return address vacant office space across country. Edit did not eat postmark matched address believe but 's been so long l'm not positive, there is one friend
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