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As 'We Are Closed' Signs Pop Up Across the Country, Twitter Roasts Exploitative Employers

Businesses have no clue why 'no one wants to work anymore'
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20 Job Interview Memes For Employment Seekers

Who says job interviews can't be fun?
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are ya winning son, funny memes, memes, funny, dank memes, relatable memes | Are ya hired son? No. unemployment LinkedIn resumes
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It's Hard Out There For A Thief

Funny photo of an unemployment benefits application being filled out by a burglar, where they say the reason for it is that "Everyone is home"
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Sad But True

funny meme about unemployment | Drop out of school -> unemployed person stepping on a rake Get masters degree -> unemployed skateboarding into a rake
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Funny graduation memes

16 Cynical Graduation Memes For Those Transitioning From Student Life To Unemployment

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Dark Times

Funny meme about being so bored at work that you actually do your job.
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Just Amazing

Funny meme about Grand Moff Tarkin reducing unemployment on Alderaan - he ordered the destruction of that planet in Star Wars.
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Looking for a Job Sucks

jobs Okay vicious cycle unemployment job applications - 8143819776

Searching For a Job

computer guy job search table flipping rage unemployment - 8068849664
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Never Would Have Guessed

you dont say unemployment - 8016975360
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wtf truck unemployment - 3038694144
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Can I Work From Home?

alarm clock bed laziness unemployment - 7245967360
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The Real World Sucks

job working Line Graph unemployment - 6937731072
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Make it Rain in Spain

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hilarious tattoo unemployment - 5692744448
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