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Coziest Sock Memes to Prevent Cold Feet

Warm and fuzzy
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Funny Twitter meme about elementary school kids who ask their friends to 'look over there,' and then the friend says 'over where?'
Via Invictus144


Funny tweet about kids in the fourth grade who used to use "look under there" as a prime insult
Via RustedRoots

Kinda Weird Now That You Mention It

Tumblr post that reads, "Me explaining underwear to aliens: we have smaller, secret pants that we wear under our normal pants"
Via VulgarPancakes

It's a constant battle

Funny object labeling fantasy meme, pee and underwear.
Via distinguishedbaloney
bet news Video underwear - 82003969

This News Anchor Lost a Bet and Had to Act out Everyone's Worst Nightmare

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Waldo, You Perv!

wheres waldo underwear - 8755619584
prank underwear dating - 74857473

This Guy is Trying to Give His Girlfriend a Yeast Infection With This Itching Powder Panty Prank

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Eventually You Get Too Old and Tired to Get Embarrassed Anymore

Via Who is Kasey

Were There Fireworks in Them?

explosion wtf anime idiots underwear - 8248693248
Via Isortakindaobsess

"You Thought You Could Stop Me?"


Panty Pocket

anime panties Pure Awesome technology underwear wtf - 4017986816
Created by ProfRed

The Love Juice Lingers

sexy times funny women underwear - 8480258816

Dat Selfie

Awkward cute selfshot underwear - 6093676544
Created by tomstefanou

Slightly Different Marketing Tactics

underwear poorly dressed g rated - 7751842560
Via The Meta Picture

The Best Undies Ever

funny mormon underwear wtf - 7945409792
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