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Girl Shows Her Great Uncle Wikipedia, Starts Wholesome Discussion About Older Generations And The Internet

As digital natives, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about the internet. It often feels like it sucks up a lot of our time for no good reason, and there are plenty of valid criticisms to be made about misinformation, abuse and screen addiction. However, when thinking about our own online experiences we can lose sight of those that differ. For the many in older generations who are unfamiliar with the internet, its benefits can be far more appreciated — and it isn’t limited to the …
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*Leaves Room*

Funny meme featuring Guardians of the Galaxy about relatives making fun of you and you don't want to be around them because of it | My family: OMG you never sit and talk with us! We don't know anything about you! Me: *shares interests* My family:
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Tell Your Brothers to Start Preparing Now

baby parenting uncle - 8279588096
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A Magical Walk With Uncle

history uncle family web comics - 8213804288
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Yeah, Who Let Him Out of His Cage?

bag face creepy funny hair uncle wtf - 8015465216
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How You Know Your Uncle Is a Jerk

batteries funny gift present uncle - 7983280384
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Everyone Has That Odd Uncle

wtf tall uncle short - 6937546240
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George Lopez Couldn't Be Creepier

creepy uncle - 3380177920
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Rad Dad and Buff Uncle

dad uncle comic - 7022652160
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It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Mauled by a Lion

cool crazy the internets uncle - 6192948992
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I Love the Crunchy Guitar Sounds He Creates

cracker homophone literalism uncle - 5783883008
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Creepy Uncle Starting Early

baby creepy sneakers pregnant uncle - 5730777088
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Not Sure if Uncle or Nephew

fry futurama nephew uncle - 5492638976
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Low Blow, Jameson!

brand burn Hall of Fame rice Spider-Man uncle - 5425661696
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Uncool Sam

Lame Pun Coon Sam uncle - 5438040832
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Dat Ass: Uncle Edition

dat ass drinking toast uncle wedding what an ass - 5187141120
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