Pushing Patrick: The Hazards of Menus

computers print pushing patrick quick ugh - 5254436608
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This Is ALL My Teachers!

all the things assignments homework school teachers Terrible Teacher ugh - 5231090432
Created by dbake24

Perfect Timing: GTFO

best of week gtfo Perfect Timing ugh - 5176986880
Created by wesley

Friend Zone Fiona: Pour Your Heart Out into a Blender

beautiful Friend Zone Fiona greg note raisins steve ugh - 5126092800
Created by frmjewduhh

Non-Stop Nyan Claims Another Victim

facebook forever head Nyan Cat song ugh - 5025414144
Created by Soraku101

Can't Tell if Déjà Vu

deja vu dream fry memory ugh - 5039010048
See all captions Created by MadChinima

I Mean Honestly, What Else Could You Amount To?

facebook justin bieber kill twitter ugh - 5049064704
Created by GhiloBaka

See You Suckers on Google+

facebook google srsly the internets ugh - 5033413632

Scumbag Brain Makes You Second Guess

answers brain Memes school test ugh - 5012908544
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Y U No Make Can Bigger?!

can chips food hand pringles snacks ugh Y U No Guy - 4987514880
See all captions Created by IoanHippy

At This Rate, I'll Be Friendless in Half a Year!

deleted facebook friends raisins-super-fuuuu ugh - 4929544960
Created by Unknown

Cereal Guy Signed His Death Warrant

cereal chuck norris doomed girlfriend he will never have a girlfriend raisins ugh - 4904741120
Created by NEO

I Don't Want to Live on This Internet Anymore

google internet people period raisins-super-fuuuu ugh - 4874929920
Created by really2random2funfunfun

Birds Don't Know About Saturdays

birds sleep ugh wake up Y U No Guy - 4794944256
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girls Rage Comics truth ugh - 4786281216
Created by thenecktiepolice

Worst Toy Ever

Babies daddy kids play Rage Comics toy ugh - 4786268416
Created by rainman97x