Article about weird future transit video that got roasted on twitter.

UFO Train Hailed as Future of Transportation, Gets Roasted By Engineers

What does the future of public transit hold?
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Pentagon Confirms 'Regular Sightings' of UFOs & The Internet Is Suspicious

We want to believe. Or do we?
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Funny reaction memes and tweets to the Pentagon releasing UFO footage | clouds flipping off Sociopath Memer @sociopath_ladka *Pentagon releases 3 UFO footages* Humans: Now only God can save us Meanwhile God ufo2020 #AliensExist | Rick and Morty 2020 is so fucking wild Pentagon just confirmed UFOS and 's barely news.

Unexplained UFO Footage Officially Released By The Pentagon, Because What Else Could Go Wrong In 2020

This is getting ridiculous.
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ufo hoax Video - 77440257

This Guy Accidentally Created a Viral UFO Hoax and Made a Fool Out of the Media

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Steel Wool on a Drone Makes the Perfect UFO

Via Kevindk9

This Toaster Will Do!

Aliens ufo - 8104234752
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This Needs to be as Fuzzy as Possible

pics ufo camera - 6952206336
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The Meteorite Was the Source of the Light...

Aliens asteroid dinosaurs ufo - 6618204160
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Unidentified Fellating Object

Aliens FBI lemonparty old men ufo - 4558427648
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