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Serving Up the Perfect Side of 22 Memes for the Hungry Food Delivery Drivers

underrated essential workers
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24 Food Delivery Memes for the Rich

we're still gonna do it
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Good budgeter recommends frozen meals over constantly ordering delivery, gets criticized for being insensitive: 'Umm, people have depression and anxiety?'

We're so cooked
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'That 80-year-old woman's door was opened by a 6'3 man': Former delivery driver shares scary stories of male customers pretending to be women

Very sus.
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'Two bloomin' onions, a steak salad, lobster tails, a filet, a chicken sandwich and a sirloin + tip + tax = $125 on Doordash right now. It's crazy': Gluttonous father complains about steak and lobster delivered to his home costing over $100

Do you think he ordered enough?
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Uber Eats Gets Called Out for Sneakily Using AI Generated Pictures of Food on Restaurant Listing

They're not subtle
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Bewildered Delivery App Users React to Shady Practice of 'Ghost Kitchens'

Don't get caught out
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Parents Debate Whether Kids Should be Allowed to Order DoorDash to School

No McDonalds allowed in Calculus
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Man Stunned To Find Movie Theater Food On Uber Eats

“I would love to pay a delivery fee for a dry-a** 'Nathan’s Hot Dog'”.
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Couriers Share Their Strangest Delivery Stories & Encounters

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It's All Coming Together

Funny meme about tracking the uber eats driver as they head to your home with your food, mr burns, the simpsons, lol
Via deafkitten
couriers, uber eats, door dash, caviar, grub hub, delivery, service industry, service industry memes, work memes, relatable memes, customer service, memes, funny memes, essential workers, 2020 memes, tipping, funny, funny stories, seamless | Space @2kspaced Uber eats driver couldn't find my house so Reginald Lexus Look sky. Follow beacon. oh my god see | Leave at my door: My name is Yoshikage Kira 33 years old. My house is northeast section Morioh, where all villas are, and am not married work

Memes & Amusing Delivery Tales From Courier Warriors

Don't forget to tip your courier!
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Funny meme about a man creating a beacon to help his uber eats driver find him | Uber eats driver couldn't find this guy's house so Reginald Look to the sky. Follow beacon oh my god see
Via u/eldawi


Funny meme about waiting for your grubhub delivery when it costs $30 but the sandwich is $7, james gandolfini sitting on a stoop / stairs
Via @memebase

Judgment Day Is Here

Uber Eats banner that says "Be prepared to meet Jesus outside" with caption that reads, "Did Uber Eats just threaten me??"
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Funny comic about uber eats.
Via distinguishedbaloney
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