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15+ People Who Failed Catastrophically At Using A Keyboard

Typing is hrad
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Funny meme about people who use caps lock to capitalize the beginning of sentences, harry potter, tom and jerry, crazy people
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Very Realistic

Funny dank meme that reads, "Hackers in movies after slapping their keyboards for 3.7 seconds" above a still of Rick and Morty where Morty says, "I'm in"
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Funny meme about emoticons, lisa simpson
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He's Sneaky

Tweet that reads, "Ladies, if he: never texts you back, always interjects with unsolicited advice, reads your personal documents, constantly tries to help you format paragraphs, is a sentient paragraph...He's not your man, he's Clippy the Microsoft Word Office assistant"
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So Irritating

Caption that reads, "When caps lock is on and you hold shift on the first letter" above a pic of a regular-sized guy's body in a suit with a tiny photoshopped head of a child
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funny meme about shift with caps lock on.
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Release Me From This Mortal Coil

typing hamster - 8757779200
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Sticking With the Good Old "Hunt-and-Peck" Method

please typing - 8176181248
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What? Whaaat? WHAAAT???

twitter typing chat - 8149178624
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It's the Strangest Phenomenon...

typing - 8096152832
By Unknown

It Takes a Lot of Practice

Sexy Ladies typing funny - 8056123392
By Unknown

Office-Cat's Co-worker

wtf gifs wigs typing Cats funny - 7777152512
By ToolBee

I Won't Allow You Type That Hunt and Peck Joke

birds gifs critters typing funny keyboard - 7613542144
By Unknown

Damn Hot Dog Fingers!

passwords fingers typing funny keyboard - 7442720512
By Unknown

Textttitng is Hstf Soemtohenns

phones smartphones typing texting funny keyboard - 7458937344
By slipknot2012
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