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A compilation of memes theorizing what life would be like as an average citizen of Gotham City,

Batman Fans Hilariously Hypothesize What Life Would Be Like As An Average Citizen Of Gotham City

Although Batman's Gotham City is allegedly inspired by New York , they are fundamentally different places. Even in the most crime-ridden parts of NYC, having a cast of uniquely themed, colorful villains running around town is unprecedented. That led some Twitter users to wonder, what would it be like to be an average citizen of Gotham City? The discussion started with one Twitter user asking if others would be willing to live in Gotham if the rent was as cheap as $300 per month. Naturally, liviā€¦
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Second Degree Burn for Two Face

Via FreeKill191

The Problem With Two Face

Via The Gentleman's Armchair

What a Lobster it Is

two face funny - 7755238400
Created by scottfan4

You Have a 50/50 Chance

two face super heros funny - 7640786944
Created by LucasCarr

Well Part of You, Anyways

two face smiles funny beautiful - 7405059840
Created by Unknown

A Halloween Miracle

lobster cat two face halloween miracle - 6725341952
Created by jc2581 ( Via Real News )

Harvey Dental: Hurts Both of Your Faces

batman dentists From the Movies sign two face - 6506598656
Created by megelyse44

What a Looker!

batman peacock superheroes two face - 6447148544
Created by Unknown

The Faces of Evil

joker TV two face - 6440908288
Created by Unknown

The Dark Knight: Two Faces Too Many

batman college humor Dark Knight Rises Memes two face - 6433852416
Via College Humor

Charlie Sheen's Side Effects

batman Charlie Sheen harvey dent superheroes two face - 4542692096
Created by Unknown