Such Honeyed Words the Bard Wrote

be bees double meaning hamlet homophones literalism soliloquy TO two - 6111671552
By Chris10a

One Keet - Parakeet

parakeet pair prefix homophone literalism one two - 6686891520
By glennvolio

Science Seuss!

similar sounding blue one two dr seuss - 6638665984
By Unknown

Sorry, I Never Accept Any Work That Isn't Done in Triplikeet

one pair parakeet prefix two uni - 6584386560
By GalderGollum

Two Soon?

double meaning homophone literalism meme SOON too soon two - 6545366016
Via Reddit

I Can Count Two Potato

easy Memes potato school spelling two - 6420650496
By Ralkkai

The Most Interesting Comments in the World

top comments two youtube - 6404013568
By mithrill

Accents Change Everything!

accent draw something literalism one Pronunciation similar sounding suffix tie two - 6319714816
By failbLOLg (Via The Pun King)

Thuggin' Like a C-3PO

addition day obi-wan kenobi one similar sounding star wars three two - 6172914432
By Pundance

Your Only Making it Worse, Jimmy

jimmy mcmillan spelling TO two - 6155295232
See all captions By Mint-BerryCRUNCH

May the Force Be With Two

literalism one similar sounding star wars two - 6153562112
By LeftNut69

Oh Zapp Brannigan, You Slay Me!

futurama Hall of Fame homophone two - 6129149952
Via A.S.B.

Guido Style Ain't All it's Kraked Up to Be

double meaning homophone kraken literalism two - 6105606144
By rezecib (Via

The Only Direction I Want to Send Them is Downward

disney do not want gross literalism one one direction two - 6002849280
By HeapsGoodProductions

One More Than Firetruck

count firetruck homophone lolwut potato TO two - 5888777216
By ichckid098

Not Sure if New Meme or Two Old Ones

futurama Memes meta one two Zoidberg - 5464017408
By lukasman
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