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Ignorant Anti-Vaxxer Challenges Doctor On Twitter And Loses

New York State recently got rid of its religious vaccination exemptions, forcing students who want to attend school to receive all mandatory vaccinations. The move has caused uproar among anti-vaxxers who believe their rights are being violated and that vaccinations cause autism, and in some cases, even death. One of our favorite things to do is watch ignorant anti-vaxxers get owned, and New York's new laws have provided ample opportunity for this kind of carnage to occur. In this instance, somebody posted a melodramatic tweet about an un-vaccinated child crying because he was kicked out of school, and folks started railing into him. While we feel bad for the kid, we greatly enjoyed this opportunity to watch an apparent troll (who happens to have a PhD) school a woman who appears to believe that Lisa Bonet (also anti-vaccination) is some kind of medical/scientific authority. If you like this exchange you can check out the thread in its full glory right here.

thread where anti-vaxxer and troll duke it out
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