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Fresh Tweets From the Funny Minds of Twitter (March 8, 2023)

Welcome back to our regular collection of fresh and funny thoughts from Twitter , where anything can happen and everyone has an opinion. Once again, we've scoured the Twittersphere to bring you the latest and greatest tweets from some of the most hilarious minds on the internet. From relatable observations about everyday life to ridiculous memes and everything in between, these tweets will either have you laughing, nodding and smiling, or at the very least, rolling your weary eyes. We've got tw…
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A Collection of Fresh and funny tweets from the funny minds of people on twitter

Fresh Musings and Mischief From the Bowels of Twitter (January 26, 2023)

Greetings, internet users and abusers. It's Thursday, January 26th, and today feels just like any other. I got up, got out of bed, dragged a comb (brush) across my head. I opened up my ThinkPad and went to like I do every day from Monday to Friday. As per usual, I almost immediately closed the laptop and prayed to the powers that be. Why? Because perusing Twitter for quality content can be so disheartening. Fortunately, betwixt the rantings and ravings of political lunatics, and the…
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Funny and corny dad jokes and memes, bad jokes, dad humor, cringe, funny tweets, twitter memes, clever tweets | IV Daveastated FOLDERS @Daveastated feel like deserve statue. Them: Aren't getting ahead yourself No s bust.

Corny Jokes For Enthusiasts Of Dad Humor

Very punny, dads
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Funny Tweets, Twitter, Comedy, Funny Memes, Jokes | village fetish @botandy if this isn't about two feuding lobsters going be extremely disappointed Inside Canada's decades-long lobster feud 6 hours ago US Canada | YAEL @elle91 Mark Ruffalo sounds like name dog would give if he pretending be man.

Fresh & Funny Tweets From The Jokesters Of Twitter

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Real Genius Hours

Funny tweet about dude catfishing his roommate so he'll clean his room
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Funny tweets about siblings, funny tweets about family, funny tweets about relationships, brothers, sisters, roasting, adoption.

18 Tweets That Hilariously Explain The Ups And Downs Of Having Siblings

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