they had us first half meme | Man - r/confessions let my male bestfriend sleep my boyfriend's spot bed he's not home. Discussion My boyfriend does't leave often, but whenever get chance, my best friend sleeps our giant king size bed with always wash sheets after so theres no way my bf would know love getting chance cuddle up him, but my boyfriend can never know because 's pretty strict rule our house dog doesn't sleep our bed Share 51 306 NEW JATBAA They had us firsthalf, not gonna lie

15 Of Our Favorite Unexpected 'They Had Us In The First Half' Memes

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The Tragedies of World War II

Death died ending twist - 6629394432
By Nicole Harney

Plot Twist!

twist gifs word double meaning - 7061887488
By Unknown

The Titanic Hitting the Iceberg

iceberg lettuce titanic literalism double meaning false expectations twist - 6662842368
By Unknown

A Candid Discussion on Racism

double meaning everything went better than expected hating race racism twist - 6578583040
Via Reddit

What a Tweest

all right gentlemen man door hand hook car do man door hand hook car door Memes twist - 6420137216
By wxmet4

Parents, Amirite?

ending genius Hall of Fame lolwut twist - 6018290176
Via Mr. Lovenstein

Little Darling, Soon There Will Be No Such Thing as Winter

ending song the Beatles twist - 5947217152
By rtothe2


double meaning forever alone literalism rage comic Rage Comics twist wife - 5364348928
By Unknown


call double meaning fun good Hall of Fame innuendo time twist - 5255800576
By Unknown


bruce willis Dead People nope twist - 5219220992
By djmirinda

Apollo ThirT-Bone

cattle cliché cows herd lolwut nasa phrase plan shot space switch twist world - 5217553664
By SirNottaguy-Imadad

Probably a Truism

butt cliché great Hall of Fame man ogling poster slogan Staring twist woman - 5199400192
By Unknown

I Don't Think This Right is Limited to Soviet Russia...

arms bear FAIL Hall of Fame lolwut order right second amendment Soviet Russia switch twist - 5199395328
By Unknown

Good to Know

double meaning ending Hall of Fame idiom literalism problem solution twist - 5158804224
By Unknown

Your Tight Pants... Confuse Me

both fry gay hipster pants spin tight twist - 4953387520
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